Boat Odor Eliminator

As boat owners, we know the odors that typically greet us upon opening the hatch of our boats…mold, mildew, bilge odor and head odor. Fresh Aire Systems can effectively eliminate the odor while killing the responsible source using our proprietary ClO2 Gas vapor system.

Yacht Disinfection

Our advanced vapor gas system permeates every crack and crevice seeking out the offending odor source eliminating the harmful germs, bacteria, odor, allergens and indoor contaminants without leaving any harmful residue.

It doesn’t use harsh, toxic chemicals, neutralizers or fragrances, nor does it require time consuming manual wiping or rinsing.

Even delicate surfaces and the heating and cooling system can be sanitized in the fraction of the time with the highest degree of effectiveness.

Fresh Water Tank Sanitizing


Fresh Aire Systems can completely sanitize your fresh water tanks and lines. Our ClO2 based shock treatment has been used for years in municipal water supplies sanitize drinking water. We can treat any size tank in less than an hour.


Marine Odor Control

You and your guests deserve a clean smelling boat. After our initial shock treatment, we can install our low dosage maintenance packs in the return vents of your heating and cooling system. This will not only maintain a clean smelling boat, but will continually eliminate allergens in the air!

We get rid of boat odors!

Markets We Service

We currently provide professional odor and allergen removal services in the cities and towns

around Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Boston, Massachusetts and Providence, Rhode Island.

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