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Automobile Odor Removal Service

We specialize in solving a common problem that most vehicle dealers experience almost daily. A problem that robs them of potentially thousands of dollars every month. There are many businesses that do their best to cover-up this annoying, profit sucking monster. But with our process, we eliminate it 100%!

The problem is Foul Odors in vehicles. Odors that are eliminated, would allow you to add hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to the ticket price of the vehicle.

We use an exclusive process that produces CLO2 gas inside the interior of the vehicle. The gas permeated every crack and crevice in the vehicle and the entire ventilation system. The gas completely eliminates all bacteria, germs, allergens and odors throughout the vehicle. When finished, the vehicle is completely odor free and sanitized.

Removing Cigarette Smoke from Cars

We work with individuals and auto dealers to remove cigarette smoke from automobiles. Cigarette smoke, Cigar Smoke and Marijuana odor is a very difficult odor to remove. It penetrates deeply into upholstery, carpets, and the heating and cooling system of automobiles.

Fresh Aire Systems is the leader in cigarette odor removal. Our system will penetrate every crack and crevice seeking out the offending smoke odor. We can completely eliminate the smell of cigarette smoke odor, cigar smoke, and marijuana in less than an hour.


Additional Car Odors We Can Remove


  • Musty Odors
  • Pet Odors
  • Odors from Water Leaks
  • Body Odors
  • Spoiled Food



RV Odor & Allergen Removal Service

Whether you just purchased a used RV or in the business of buying and selling RV’s, we can completely eliminate odors and sanitize the vehicle. Having a fresh smelling RV will make your camping outings more enjoyable and provide peace of mind, that your RV is completely odor and allergen free. Our odor eliminator service is the best choice for RV owners.

Types of Vehicles We Service

  • New & Used Car Dealers
  • Limousine Companies
  • Car Rental Companies
  • Individual Autos & Collectors
  • Fleet Vehicles
  • Police Vehicles


If you currently purchase inventory at auction..

Don’t be afraid to pick-up those foul smelling vehicles cheap…

We can make them 100% Odor Free!

Fresh Aire Systems is the leading Car Odor Removal service.

Markets We Service

We currently provide professional odor and allergen removal services in the cities and towns

around Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Boston, Massachusetts and Providence, Rhode Island.

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